Traditional hand massage chiropractic therapy recommended by the 오피사수 커뮤니티

오피사수 커뮤니티|Bundang Massage Traditional Sugi massage shop.

My wife’s back and neck are so bad that I got a recommendation from the 오피사수 커뮤니티 to relax her muscles
I went to Bundang Massage Traditional Sugi massage shop.
Because I worked a lot in front of the computer, and last winter, I fell down the stairs and broke my tailbone, so I had a lot of muscle around my waist and neck
It was hard…It’s always been bad, but…Anyway, my brother-in-law said that he’s good at massaging and massaging his thumb
So I took my wife and went to the 7th floor of the building in Munta, Jeongja-dong, Bundang.
This is the entrance of the thumb of the traditional hand massage at Bundang Massage.
You have to press the doorbell to open the door so you can enter.

This is the traditional hand massage massage thumb counter of Bundang Massage.
It hasn’t been long since the traditional hand massage of Bundang Massage was opened.
So the inside was clean and nice.And it was cool, too.
There are various bed rooms such as tie rooms, couple rooms, and group rooms.
There’s also a Thai massage, and the local people are doing it themselves.

There is a place where you can take a foot bath next to the counter.
Put warm water in the Hinoki foot bath.
It provided warm taicha for me to relax my body and body while taking a foot bath.

For a while, my wife was dipping her feet in the Hinoki foot bath.
Bundang Massage’s traditional hand massage The massage of the thumb is said to be a massage that is like a tonic while being treated.
In particular, it is effective for insomnia due to blood circulation and muscle relaxation, and it is effective in alleviating and treating aftereffects caused by traffic accidents, and improving rehabilitation effects
People who suffer from frozen shoulders have been able to relieve symptoms, use computers for a long time, and misbehave muscles
It is said that it is good to relax the muscles and relax the stiff muscles.
They give you foot massage while wiping your feet.Hahaha

I don’t like getting a massage.I only get it once even when I go to Thailand.
But foot massage is good. It’s so refreshing after receiving it.

Group seats with mattresses (room for 4 people
The blind manager gives you a Korean traditional electric shunt massage, which gives you a massage to relieve your body by pressing your blood.
Starting with the neck, and then the shoulders and back.
Focus on your waist. It goes back to the neck and goes up to the hip bone to relax the muscles. I’m going to focus on the waist again.
You come down to your calves and loosen them.
Massage until the ankle. If your neck bone and back are not good, you can twist it from head to toe.
It doesn’t happen to me that much. My neck and waist are still fine, but my wife has a lot of muscles, so I got intensive care.
When I asked about the reaction after the Korean traditional water supply massage, they said it got better.
He seemed to like it at heart.
It’s not every day, but what I can do for my wife, who is angry,
I think it’s this kind of massage.If I get a monthly ticket soon, I’m going to give it to him and make him keep getting it!
After exercising a lot…If my calves hurt, I’m going to go get them.
This traditional hand massage is good, but this is the traditional hand massage Thai massage
I’m thinking about getting it.

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