The reason why your back gets better when you get an 오피 massage

Introduction of type of 오피 massage

오피 massage is an alternative therapy that helps relax tense muscles in the body and facilitates blood circulation.
Good 오피 massage has the effect of relieving pain and stabilizing the mind and body by releasing clumped muscles.
Body fluid circulation such as blood and lymphatic fluid is well performed, improving the flow of blood vessels and discharging waste products smoothly.

a sports massage
The first thing I’m going to introduce is a sports massage, which promotes the perfection of sportsmen who need to complete their bodies and improves their skills and measures to help sports activities, such as relieving fatigue. In particular, in the case of sports massage, it is the most recommended massage for athletes who need to improve their athletic skills, and it focuses on relaxing certain muscles according to the type of sports by combining chiropractic therapy and pressure. If you visit the most common and easily found massage parlors around you, you can think of it as a sports massage.

an aroma massage
In the case of aroma massage, several oils are mixed and used, which is classified as a kind of massage that uses a mixture of essential oils and other base oils. It is extracted from flowers and other plants, which are the ingredients of essential oil, and provides a scent that stabilizes people’s minds, so you can get a massage in a comfortable atmosphere while relieving tension as much as possible. Each company has different ways to choose oil Some companies can choose their own oil, while others use only the oil designated by the company. And aroma massage works for many stressful diseases, including insomnia and depression, digestive disorders and pain.

a Swedish massage
The Swedish massage is a massage that has been loved a lot and has been receiving steady This Swedish massage is also called a Swedish massage The characteristic of the Swedish massage is that it is a type of massage that uses lotion or oil to press gently, and many companies use natural aroma oils. And it uses oil to minimize friction so that it doesn’t rub as much as possible, and it doesn’t put too much pressure, so it’s a massage that’s receiving a lot of attention from women The Swedish massage is particularly effective in recovering from injury because it relaxes the muscles of the whole body

Deep tissue massage
It’s a deep tissue massage The name Deep Tissue Massage is a bit unfamiliar Deep tissue massage is about treating defective tissue or tissue in deep layers of muscle
It’s a massage that’s focused on crossing the muscle lines, massage through friction or slow strokes, and when you get it, it’s one of the massages that you can use too much of your muscles to tighten and feel pain, or to improve your posture This massage is a little different from the swedish massage, which you’ll know if you’ve received it, but it’s more powerful than the swedish massage, so if you feel a lot of pain, I recommend you to tell the manager immediately and stop.

Thai massage
Taimasaji is a new free-healing method that helps balance the flow of energy in the body by discharging the excess energy from the body and replenishing the insufficient energy, and helps not only the body but also the mind to be healthy and happy Muscles, ligaments, joints, and connective tissue, as well as the fascia layer and surface of the fascia, as well as the digestive system, the nervous system, the respiratory system, etc., help the whole body flow In general, floor mats can be used to stimulate the whole body by utilizing stretching-like movements to improve the body’s energy flow, reduce stress, and improve flexibility.

a prenatal massage
Prepartum massage focuses on pregnant women and helps pregnant women a lot It’s almost average to get it to promote relaxation Many pregnant women suffer from swelling or back pain after pregnancy, and it is a massage that is often received due to these problems. And since the focus is on pregnant women, the massage is carried out safely because the drug is not used as much as possible.

오피 massage

History of Massage

The origin of the massage is not clearly known, but it has been established academically as a treatment tool
It is believed to have originated in ancient Greece, Rome, and Arabia.
It’s often inferred from ancient books and murals, but if you look at ancient Egyptian murals that were carved about 4,000 years ago,
You can see Ptah-Hotep being given a leg massage by a male slave
Much later, Queen Cleopatra also has a record of enjoying foot massages during dinner.

Doctors also tried to improve the healing effect of massage. A representative figure was Galenos (130-201)
He also wrote books about massages, exercise, and health. It also organizes various massage techniques
Massage was used to treat various diseases.
In modern times, Swedish physical education scholar Per Henrikring (1776-1839) used massage procedures for treatment
. Ring, who directly treated his rheumatism, systematically developed massage based on physiology, gymnastics, and massage.
Later, with his royal patronage, Ling’s methods became the basis for modern physical therapy, along with the Professional Massage Association, which was established in 1894.

In the East, it is estimated that massage began about 5,000 years ago through various ancient Chinese medical books.
In particular, Eastern massage has a massage based on energy and related to muscle physiology
In recent years, these two branches are gradually integrating.
The method based on qi is a concept similar to the chakra of our body, which is the vitality of the universe in traditional Eastern thought
We’re going in and out of this is where we’re going
It is believed that it circulates through the body through a special passage called meridian.
The massage facilitates the flow of energy throughout the body by pressing the acupressure at the point where the meridian passes
In addition, the body’s harmony and balance are achieved by releasing the dislocation of the body through the chakra.
The literature on massage in Korea was compiled in October 1445 during King Sejong’s 27th year
It is completed and can be found in published in the 8th year of King Seongjong (1477).

오피 Massage Prohibited Items

  1. Chronic consumable diseases (blood, infectious, malignant tumors, tuberculosis)
  2. Inflammatory diseases (persistent arthritis, swelling, cornea, conjunctivitis)
  3. Skin diseases (ecogeous, agarous, chickenpox, herpes zoster disease (simple herpes-mouth blisters)
  4. Mental illness (interstitial schizophrenia)
  • Acute seizure condition
    -Acute inflammation
  • Bleeding, hemophilia, scurvy, leukemia
    -Where there is abscess wherever it is local
  • Skin diseases such as multiple dryness, eczema, head pass herpes, inflammation of the lymphatic epidermis, and rash on the skin
    -Injured or severely irritated skin
  • mental illness
  • When you are under a heavy load and then very excited and overly tired
  • When you have venous inflammation, venous thrombosis, and senile thrombosis of large veins
  • If you have hemorrhagic properties
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