The Thing I Do in My Studio

As a sound engineer, I spend most of my time in the studio. That’s where I make my magic. I feel inspired as soon as I step inside and realize that I have all this technology in front of me to help me create my art. The huge soundboard and all those dials, levers, buttons, and switches It’s exciting to know that you are part of the production of something so beautiful. A good sound engineer must have well-trained ears, and it’s a special feeling to experience the world through the sense of hearing. I do that every day. 

Working in the studio takes a lot of discipline. Some might think that artists can work whenever they want or whenever they feel inspired. But they don’t realize that if the sound engineer wants to be productive, he/she is the person who creates the work schedule. People don’t understand how important our work is. Besides switching all those levers and dials, I have to make sure that the technical equipment such as microphones, amps, and cables are functional.

Since the studio is my sanctuary, I’m the person who takes care of everything in sight. There’s a lot of expensive equipment in the studio, so if something goes wrong, I will feel responsible. For instance, we had mold in the studio. So before the mold took over the corner and spread throughout the studio, I installed an air purifier for mold and fought the spread before it happened.  

Anyways, my responsibilities don’t finish there. I am also involved in picking, buying, and installing new equipment. The new equipment depends on the artist. Sometimes they are very picky, but honestly, most of the time I’m the one who’s picky since I am a bit of a perfectionist in my job. That is the only way I can produce a masterpiece.

After we record the performance, I start with the editing, mixing, and mastering. This is where I excel. I love improving the sound quality of the tracks, improving the balance, and creating the final master recording. After I’m finished with this process, I sit down and present what I’ve created to the artist. And depending on whether they like it or not, we either continue improving the recording or it’s ready to be broadcast. 

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