[Healing] How to relieve anxiety with aromatherapy

Aromatherapy helps relieve anxiety and relieve stress.

There are also many studies that play a role in improving insomnia and sexual dysfunction in menopausal women.

Aromatherapy, which uses essential oils from plants, uses aromas, which mean scent, and

It is a combination of therapy, which means therapeutic therapy, and it means scent therapy.

People with chronic or progressive diseases, including anxiety management, recovering from injuries or surgery,

It can also help healthy people. Experts say that you can use aromatherapy as a routine stress therapy

If you think about it, I advise you to pay attention to four things.

  1. Use good products = Natural extracts and true essential oils are better than synthetic oils.

It is important to buy from a reputable supplier. Real essential oils are expensive to produce

It’s expensive because it’s a lot. It is doubtful that it is too cheap. Ultraviolet rays can reduce product quality

So choose the one stored in a dark colored glass bottle. The name of the plant and the source of the plant

Check if there is a label describing it.

  1. Use aroma therapy that absorbs scent or skin = Oil is diffuser, inhaler, bath salt

Alternatively, it can be used as a variety of products such as massage oil. One of the most popular methods is

Put a couple of drops of oil in the diffuser to make the room fragrant.

You can drop a few drops on the cotton swab and leave it in the room.

  1. Handle stressful situations = If you’re nervous before an important presentation or examination, before you start

Inhale. If you had trouble with your boss at work, take out the therapy diffuser and smell it

You can inhale and calm down. If you don’t have enough space, try it at home after work.

  1. Consider it as one of the many ways = Aromatherapy helps relieve anxiety

Think of aromatherapy as one of the various treatments. In other words, it will be helpful to add integrated treatments such as meditation, psychological counseling, physical activity, and acupuncture and good nutrients to various methods.

In an era where stress has increased further due to COVID-19, anxiety comes to everyone.

In that case, you can manage your well-being on your own using aromatherapy and various therapeutic approaches.

It’s okay to be a little anxious or stressed. However, experts advise you to do something if you persist.

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Aromatherapy efficacy

Psychological Effects

Aroma is very effective in controlling emotions because it stabilizes and excites emotions such as depression, anxiety, anxiety, fear, and anger, which are emotional problems depending on the scent.

It improves concentration and heals various nervous disorders caused by stress.

In particular, recently, clinical studies have shown that it is also effective in senile dementia.

A joint report has also been released that patients with depression who were not cured by medicine were cured using citrus aroma oil.

I think it will be a very effective treatment for people with various mental disorders.

Physiological Effects

The aroma oil is transferred from the nose to the pituitary, producing physiological active substances suitable for various scents, helping to normalize the digestive and reproductive systems.

In addition, it prevents and heals diseases by causing vivid changes in the body, such as secretion of hormones related to the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system.

Anti-bacterial/preservative effect

Almost all aroma oils have antibacterial and sterilizing effects.

Therefore, it is widely used to treat infectious diseases because it is effective in catching colds, coughing, and tuberculosis, which are respiratory infections, and prevents the growth of the virus and removes bacteria.

In addition, it has an air cleaning function to spread indoors, remove insecticidal effects and various odors, and maintain a fresh scent. It also has a preservative effect, so ancient Egypt used aroma oil to make mummies.

Beauty effect

Aroma oil is also good for many problematic skin types.

Burn injury is effective for acne, sensitive skin, inflammation, and chapped skin.

It enhances the gloss and elasticity of the skin, especially because it decomposes cellulite and excretes toxins and wastes in the body, it is also effective in relieving obesity.

It is also used for hair care, such as hair loss prevention and scalp protection.​

Aroma is the principle of action through respiratory organs, the principle of action through skin, and the principle of action through medication.

■ Lavender

Lavender has the effect of recovering from fatigue and clearing the head.

If you have insomnia, I recommend lavender aroma therapy.
You will find yourself in a stable state of mind and getting enough sleep.

■ Chamomile

I feel sickOr if you feel like you have a cold, try chamomile aromatherapy. It also prevents skin aging and is effective in controlling stress and anger.

■ Lemon

Just like chamomile, it’s good to use lemon when you have a cold.

It is psychologically active, so it helps relieve stress, relieve fatigue, and generate energy.

If you do lemon aromatherapy, you’ll feel refreshed.

■ Peppermint

Peppermint, which has a cool and refreshing scent, has the effect of clearing the head. It also temporarily suppresses your appetite, so it’s helpful for those who are on a diet.

■ Strawberry

Just thinking about it has the effect of relieving tension and relieving anxiety. It is especially good for women and is helpful for people who suffer from cold hands and feet. However, sweet scents can stimulate your appetite, so I don’t recommend it to those who are on a diet. 🙂

■ Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus activates the body’s immune system against infection.