Australian International College (AIC) Special Price Guide, Sydney, Australia

Let me introduce you to Australian International College.

Australian International College, Australian International College, Australia,

It is located right in front of Hyde Park near Central, Town Hall, and Museum Station, so it has good transportation.

Also, the theory class and practice are held in the same building, so it is very convenient for students!

Australian International College (AIC) Cooking School

[Lesson fee]

Previous: $21,000 → $19,600

(Based on Sutty 4 [7 Term])

*The table above is the price of the promotional dog and may be changed later.

[2022 Date of Entrance]

April 29th

July 22nd

October 14th

[Lesson schedule]

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

*Detailed schedules will be notified on the orientation day, and this schedule pattern is subject to change.

Why choose AIC – Cookery?

  • attendance two days a week Depending on the curriculum, you can attend once a week and submit assignments, so you can do it at the same time as your work.

  • If you don’t have a certified English score, you can take your own English test or take it at a related language school.

(Admission English score: IELTS 5.5/Academic

  • It enables practical experience by practicing at AIC’s own restaurant, and develops qualifications and experiences as a chef before graduation.

  • It is convenient to conduct theory and practice within one building. (Second floor theory class, first floor practice)
  • It’s a 3-minute walk from Sydney Central Station (near Hyde Park)

Hyde park pizza building, 38 College St, Darlinghurst NSW 2000

오피사수 가 추천하는 오피시그니처 SPA

[School expenses]

Serty 4 Cooking Course Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery

Initial cost

Admission fee: $300

First 3 months tuition: $2,800

Tool cost: $900

$4,000 in total

In Sydney, Australia, we will inform you of your questions in kind and in detail, such as registering for the Australian AIC cooking course, English conditions, how to pay tuition, application for the linked English school, and application for the linked English school exam. Especially, those who do not have an English score can enter the school without an English course or with minimal English!

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