The Shower Killed the Radio Star

2-Sided-Square-05_3-copy2Who doesn’t love a long, luxurious shower? Water issues aside, it is a fine time to enjoy some music while you get clean. The bathroom mirrors fog up and there is mist in the air. Hot, streaming shards hit those aching shoulders and revive the spirit. It is pure unadulterated bliss. But wait. There’s more! You can listen to your favorite artists thanks to the technology available with Bluetooth shower head speakers. If you don’t have one, run out and get one now!

You want good sound, even while doing your daily ablutions. It adds just that extra zest to the whole enterprise. Sure, a great-smelling soap goes a long way in that department, but having music just tops it all off—and keeps you in there longer. Don’t tell and I won’t. The water conservation people will come after me an
d confiscate my half pound of joy. They don’t want to hear any of this.

You want one you say. Okay. You can get them in stores and online. Music lovers can take heart that one of their favorite pastimes is at hand, in your bathroom of choice—even camping or at the beach. Yes, they are mobile. I am talking about the latest in wireless speakers superior to many brands. They are waterproof and have an integrated microphone that responds to hands free selections. No need to strain yourself! You can play your tunes, skip what you want, lower or raise the volume, and even answer the phone. I kid you not. It can be your wet and wacky office alternative. Just imagine.

What else do you get with this baby? It comes with a suction cup that can stick to your tiles or marble as the case may be. It doesn’t distinguish a good from a bad space, expensive stall coverings or the cheapest thing. It will work anywhere. When in place, the world of sports, podcasts, music, news, audio books, etc. is yours. This is a must have device and a great gift for aficionados. If you have wondered what to give that guy or gal who has everything, think no longer. It is affordable and will be welcome in any household.

The Bluetooth is the leader in shower speaker sales for good reason. It has been designed well and produces a fine sound. It may not be perfect, but it is pretty close and operates easily and efficiently. And, as mentioned, it is super portable to take with you on vacation while traveling. It’s compact and can be stowed in any backpack or suitcase. It will stream music at your whim through its high-powered built-in speaker. So what are its specifications? First of all, I have to add that it connects to any smart phone. It has skip and back buttons so you can pick and choose while you douse yourself in glee. And who doesn’t want to answer a pressing call. You wouldn’t want to miss a single one, and now you don’t have to.

Talk away while you indulge yourself in a length bit of water play. Your conversations can go on 24/7, and for some people, that is saying a lot. You get yourself a high-definition gadget with 3.0 wireless connectivity and seamless streaming with six hours of play time. (That’s what it says on the package.) Plus it has a li-ion battery (600mah). Whether you have an iPad, iPod touch, Android, or any Bluetooth-enabled device, it will work completely to your satisfaction. It is IPX4 waterproof level and comes with a 1x speaker, 1x USB charging cable, and a user’s manual. All this for a 2.25 by 3 1/8 miracle worker.

What else can I say about a pretty neat idea? I think you get the picture. Remember that you don’t want to kill the radio star with bad muffled sound. My old system did, prompting me to get out there and find something really worthy. I wanted an aural experience supreme—all for under twenty bucks. I am sick and tired of garbled noise. Now I can have it all in the wet world of the bathroom each and every morning. I wake up looking for a bright way to start the day.

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