How to use aroma oil (feat. aroma therapy)

How to use aroma oil (feat. aroma therapy)

Today, I’m going to teach you how to use aroma oil. Besides the methods you know, I have a lot of my personal opinions, so I would appreciate it if you read them carefully.

How to use aroma oil

#Inhalation method

Do you have a handkerchief at home? Put a drop of it on your handkerchief and keep it quiet
Try aromatherapy while breathing. When I’m stressed out,
I’m using it in a personal space with a handkerchief. One drop on the bedding!
You can use a handkerchief or cotton pad! You know how to do this, right? For a good night’s sleep, you drop a drop on the ends of bedding like a pillow. But there are times when you’re worried

If you’re worried about changing the color of bedding, you can use this method. Personally, the way to use it is to put it on a cotton pad at the bedside. It’s perfect to throw it away after you don’t pollute it anywhere. Mix it with carrier oil and apply it! You know that aroma oil is different from regular facial oil, right?
Because it is highly concentrated, you must use it diluted instead of applying it directly to your body.

**First, apply it on the inside of your arm to see if it fits your skin and wait for 24 hours. *And mix the quantity with the carrier oil and use it. For example, when you make 10ml facial oil, just add one drop.
10 drops are enough for 100ml. *When applying, avoid sensitive eyes and mouth.

There are some people who drink aroma oil with water Cheongdam OP Aroma  Even experts don’t recommend it as dangerous. Celebrities use it for food on TV, so I looked it up because I was curious.

When you take a foot bath, lower body bath, and bath! I’m enjoying a foot bath these days. Put water in a wash basin, drop a drop or two, dip your feet, and take a foot bath for 30 minutes
It helps with the smell of your feet. It’s good! When you fill the bathtub with water, about three drops are just right. On a smelly mask! There are times when you’re in pain because of bad breath, right? If you dab a drop on the surface of the mask, it’ll help you breathe. It’s healing.

​Instead of perfume… As I mentioned yesterday, perfume is not on my wrist You said you need to use it on the outside of your arms to keep the scent from changing! It’s good to carry it around and apply a drop like a perfume. Put it in the humidifier~ It’s good if it’s a heated humidifier. If you put 1 or 2 drops of water in it, you can do aromatherapy. Catch the smell of shoes! I’m using it well in my daily life. For example, you spray a drop inside your smelly shoes. I used this well in the summer LOL Instead, you don’t have to worry too much because it’s not too expensive~

#Catching the smell of the bathroom!

I think it smells like a sewer. When I’m annoyed, I just put water in the sink as a glue. If I leave it alone for a day and a half, it’s so good that I don’t have to buy a separate bathroom diffuser Haha

How to use aroma oil (feat. aroma therapy)

Instead, mix the water well so that the scent spreads well! Instead of a fabric softener for washing! I’ve never used this before. I heard that if you mix it with water and use it like a deodorant, you can add 2 to 3 drops when you wash and rinse it, it smells as good as a fabric softener But I didn’t do it in case my clothes get damaged. You can just keep that in mind.

**Aroma oil usually expires within 2 years, but we recommend you to use it all within a year after opening. 🙂 Today, we’ve organized how to use it! What do you think? It’s more diverse than you think, right?
Thank you for reading it to the end!