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The Secret to Profitable Blogs-“I Earn Money While I Sleep”

digital nomads-profitable blog

“In the era of digital nomads, change the way you make money that you’ve insisted on!” Everything on the profitable blog, where a job seeker from N-pop generation started at 0 won and earned 10 million won a month, Warren Buffett said, “If you can’t find a way to get money in while you’re sleeping, you have to work until you die.”

Profit blogs are the ultimate goal of digital nomads

But how easy is it to make money while sleeping? In an era where many things have to be given up for economic reasons, it would be more realistic to say that you have to work even if you have to split your time. However, Lee Nam, the author of “I Make Money While Sleeping” (Dasan Books), emphasizes that it is just that I can’t do it because I don’t know how to make money while sleeping, but it may be easier than I thought.

The author, Ri Nam, was a very realistic person to the extent that he made a college major in the field he hated when he heard that he was getting a job well. However, he suddenly announced that he would give up his job when he realized that he could not live a stable life with just his salary.

After that, he studied how to make money online, and challenged the possibility of profitable blogs among numerous platforms. As a result, it is a digital nomad that surpassed 100 million won in blog profits in a year and a half and now has economic and time freedom, earning stable profits of more than 30 million won a month.

In fact, many pointed out that blogs may have already gone out of date with the advent of new platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. However, despite this situation, blogs are continuously growing. The reason is that a large number of 2030s flowed in as a new market opened to earn profits from blogs.

In addition, the number of text-oriented blog posts has achieved the highest ever production of texts as more and more posts share daily life due to COVID-19. It is literally emerging as a popular sideline. We know very well that salary alone cannot lead a perfectly stable life. However, if you don’t have enough money to invest in stocks or real estate, you should start a profitable blog right now.

This is because only profitable blogs without capital, minimum time, and space constraints are the most realistic side jobs for office workers. So if you want your daily life and experience to turn into money, change the way you make money that you’ve insisted on. You’ll be the next person to make money while you’re sleeping.

Digital-Nomad-Profitable Blogs

Digital Nomad Era Creates Economic Pipeline with Profitable Blogs

Profitable blogs are less burdensome because they do not require initial capital and can be done anywhere in the minimum time. There is no need for professional writing skills or photo editing skills. It is over if you upload your daily life in an informative way, not in a diary format. Despite so many advantages, there is still a distrust of blog profits because it is not known properly.

But if you think of the Internet itself as a billboard, this distrust will turn into certainty. Advertisements are bound to occur where people gather, and money flows soon when advertisements occur. This means that the Internet (online) is a market where content is consumed. Therefore, if you think of advertising combined with profitable blogs, you can also create a pipeline that makes stable returns for life even after investing less time.

Author Review Fairy Na-rim was a job seeker who was born into a tight family and pursued a normal and realistic life more than anyone else, but suddenly declared her job giving up after graduating from college. This is because the dark future was expected to bring about the limitations of salary, such as arranging one’s own house, marriage and childcare.

Despite the contempt and dissuasion around me, I found, tested, and challenged things that could make money online to be happy right now, not tomorrow. Online was something an author with no experience could do without capital, minimum time, and space constraints.

In order to generate profits, many online platforms have been tested, ranging from well-known areas to areas that the general public has never heard of. As a result, I realized that advertisements must be made where people gather, and that money flows when advertisements are made. Thus, they stopped all the ways to make money online and turned to advertising.

It runs blogs on various portal sites and concluded that Google AdSense advertising through T-story blogs is the most realistic platform to make money online. Unlike other portal sites that give minimal profits, Google can make profits in a short period of time by distributing 68 percent of its advertising revenue to bloggers.

At the age of 26, he achieved 1 million won in the 5th month and 3 million won in the 8th month since he started blogging in earnest, and now in 2020, he has earned more than 10 million won a month in economic and time freedom. Since then, profitable blog lectures, which promote their experiences and know-how to make money, have received explosive responses as one of the most popular lectures in CLASS101.

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Traditional hand massage chiropractic therapy recommended by the 오피사수 커뮤니티

오피사수 커뮤니티|Bundang Massage Traditional Sugi massage shop.

My wife’s back and neck are so bad that I got a recommendation from the 오피사수 커뮤니티 to relax her muscles
I went to Bundang Massage Traditional Sugi massage shop.
Because I worked a lot in front of the computer, and last winter, I fell down the stairs and broke my tailbone, so I had a lot of muscle around my waist and neck
It was hard…It’s always been bad, but…Anyway, my brother-in-law said that he’s good at massaging and massaging his thumb
So I took my wife and went to the 7th floor of the building in Munta, Jeongja-dong, Bundang.
This is the entrance of the thumb of the traditional hand massage at Bundang Massage.
You have to press the doorbell to open the door so you can enter.

This is the traditional hand massage massage thumb counter of Bundang Massage.
It hasn’t been long since the traditional hand massage of Bundang Massage was opened.
So the inside was clean and nice.And it was cool, too.
There are various bed rooms such as tie rooms, couple rooms, and group rooms.
There’s also a Thai massage, and the local people are doing it themselves.

There is a place where you can take a foot bath next to the counter.
Put warm water in the Hinoki foot bath.
It provided warm taicha for me to relax my body and body while taking a foot bath.

For a while, my wife was dipping her feet in the Hinoki foot bath.
Bundang Massage’s traditional hand massage The massage of the thumb is said to be a massage that is like a tonic while being treated.
In particular, it is effective for insomnia due to blood circulation and muscle relaxation, and it is effective in alleviating and treating aftereffects caused by traffic accidents, and improving rehabilitation effects
People who suffer from frozen shoulders have been able to relieve symptoms, use computers for a long time, and misbehave muscles
It is said that it is good to relax the muscles and relax the stiff muscles.
They give you foot massage while wiping your feet.Hahaha

I don’t like getting a massage.I only get it once even when I go to Thailand.
But foot massage is good. It’s so refreshing after receiving it.

Group seats with mattresses (room for 4 people
The blind manager gives you a Korean traditional electric shunt massage, which gives you a massage to relieve your body by pressing your blood.
Starting with the neck, and then the shoulders and back.
Focus on your waist. It goes back to the neck and goes up to the hip bone to relax the muscles. I’m going to focus on the waist again.
You come down to your calves and loosen them.
Massage until the ankle. If your neck bone and back are not good, you can twist it from head to toe.
It doesn’t happen to me that much. My neck and waist are still fine, but my wife has a lot of muscles, so I got intensive care.
When I asked about the reaction after the Korean traditional water supply massage, they said it got better.
He seemed to like it at heart.
It’s not every day, but what I can do for my wife, who is angry,
I think it’s this kind of massage.If I get a monthly ticket soon, I’m going to give it to him and make him keep getting it!
After exercising a lot…If my calves hurt, I’m going to go get them.
This traditional hand massage is good, but this is the traditional hand massage Thai massage
I’m thinking about getting it.

Gangnam Run People Massage Guide – Dongpo information

The reason why your back gets better when you get an 오피 massage

Introduction of type of 오피 massage

오피 massage is an alternative therapy that helps relax tense muscles in the body and facilitates blood circulation.
Good 오피 massage has the effect of relieving pain and stabilizing the mind and body by releasing clumped muscles.
Body fluid circulation such as blood and lymphatic fluid is well performed, improving the flow of blood vessels and discharging waste products smoothly.

a sports massage
The first thing I’m going to introduce is a sports massage, which promotes the perfection of sportsmen who need to complete their bodies and improves their skills and measures to help sports activities, such as relieving fatigue. In particular, in the case of sports massage, it is the most recommended massage for athletes who need to improve their athletic skills, and it focuses on relaxing certain muscles according to the type of sports by combining chiropractic therapy and pressure. If you visit the most common and easily found massage parlors around you, you can think of it as a sports massage.

an aroma massage
In the case of aroma massage, several oils are mixed and used, which is classified as a kind of massage that uses a mixture of essential oils and other base oils. It is extracted from flowers and other plants, which are the ingredients of essential oil, and provides a scent that stabilizes people’s minds, so you can get a massage in a comfortable atmosphere while relieving tension as much as possible. Each company has different ways to choose oil Some companies can choose their own oil, while others use only the oil designated by the company. And aroma massage works for many stressful diseases, including insomnia and depression, digestive disorders and pain.

a Swedish massage
The Swedish massage is a massage that has been loved a lot and has been receiving steady This Swedish massage is also called a Swedish massage The characteristic of the Swedish massage is that it is a type of massage that uses lotion or oil to press gently, and many companies use natural aroma oils. And it uses oil to minimize friction so that it doesn’t rub as much as possible, and it doesn’t put too much pressure, so it’s a massage that’s receiving a lot of attention from women The Swedish massage is particularly effective in recovering from injury because it relaxes the muscles of the whole body

Deep tissue massage
It’s a deep tissue massage The name Deep Tissue Massage is a bit unfamiliar Deep tissue massage is about treating defective tissue or tissue in deep layers of muscle
It’s a massage that’s focused on crossing the muscle lines, massage through friction or slow strokes, and when you get it, it’s one of the massages that you can use too much of your muscles to tighten and feel pain, or to improve your posture This massage is a little different from the swedish massage, which you’ll know if you’ve received it, but it’s more powerful than the swedish massage, so if you feel a lot of pain, I recommend you to tell the manager immediately and stop.

Thai massage
Taimasaji is a new free-healing method that helps balance the flow of energy in the body by discharging the excess energy from the body and replenishing the insufficient energy, and helps not only the body but also the mind to be healthy and happy Muscles, ligaments, joints, and connective tissue, as well as the fascia layer and surface of the fascia, as well as the digestive system, the nervous system, the respiratory system, etc., help the whole body flow In general, floor mats can be used to stimulate the whole body by utilizing stretching-like movements to improve the body’s energy flow, reduce stress, and improve flexibility.

a prenatal massage
Prepartum massage focuses on pregnant women and helps pregnant women a lot It’s almost average to get it to promote relaxation Many pregnant women suffer from swelling or back pain after pregnancy, and it is a massage that is often received due to these problems. And since the focus is on pregnant women, the massage is carried out safely because the drug is not used as much as possible.

오피 massage

History of Massage

The origin of the massage is not clearly known, but it has been established academically as a treatment tool
It is believed to have originated in ancient Greece, Rome, and Arabia.
It’s often inferred from ancient books and murals, but if you look at ancient Egyptian murals that were carved about 4,000 years ago,
You can see Ptah-Hotep being given a leg massage by a male slave
Much later, Queen Cleopatra also has a record of enjoying foot massages during dinner.

Doctors also tried to improve the healing effect of massage. A representative figure was Galenos (130-201)
He also wrote books about massages, exercise, and health. It also organizes various massage techniques
Massage was used to treat various diseases.
In modern times, Swedish physical education scholar Per Henrikring (1776-1839) used massage procedures for treatment
. Ring, who directly treated his rheumatism, systematically developed massage based on physiology, gymnastics, and massage.
Later, with his royal patronage, Ling’s methods became the basis for modern physical therapy, along with the Professional Massage Association, which was established in 1894.

In the East, it is estimated that massage began about 5,000 years ago through various ancient Chinese medical books.
In particular, Eastern massage has a massage based on energy and related to muscle physiology
In recent years, these two branches are gradually integrating.
The method based on qi is a concept similar to the chakra of our body, which is the vitality of the universe in traditional Eastern thought
We’re going in and out of this is where we’re going
It is believed that it circulates through the body through a special passage called meridian.
The massage facilitates the flow of energy throughout the body by pressing the acupressure at the point where the meridian passes
In addition, the body’s harmony and balance are achieved by releasing the dislocation of the body through the chakra.
The literature on massage in Korea was compiled in October 1445 during King Sejong’s 27th year
It is completed and can be found in published in the 8th year of King Seongjong (1477).

오피 Massage Prohibited Items

  1. Chronic consumable diseases (blood, infectious, malignant tumors, tuberculosis)
  2. Inflammatory diseases (persistent arthritis, swelling, cornea, conjunctivitis)
  3. Skin diseases (ecogeous, agarous, chickenpox, herpes zoster disease (simple herpes-mouth blisters)
  4. Mental illness (interstitial schizophrenia)
  • Acute seizure condition
    -Acute inflammation
  • Bleeding, hemophilia, scurvy, leukemia
    -Where there is abscess wherever it is local
  • Skin diseases such as multiple dryness, eczema, head pass herpes, inflammation of the lymphatic epidermis, and rash on the skin
    -Injured or severely irritated skin
  • mental illness
  • When you are under a heavy load and then very excited and overly tired
  • When you have venous inflammation, venous thrombosis, and senile thrombosis of large veins
  • If you have hemorrhagic properties
    At Seolleung Massage, we prepared a variety of things
    We provide additional services.
    We always do our best to satisfy our customers.

Australian International College (AIC) Special Price Guide, Sydney, Australia – Dongpo information

Gangnam Run People Massage Guide

Our Gangnam Run People massage
It definitely relieves stress that is tired in everyday life.

All massage-only products are made from organic hypoallergenic products brought from abroad, so that people with various skin allergies can get a massage with confidence.

오피사이트 추천 Run People Massage

The feedback from the 오피사이트 추천(OP site) is quite good. There are definitely customers who have never visited our Gangnam Run People massage, but there are no customers who have only come once. We provide employee training with various event options and service minds for a high revisit, and we will strive for 100% satisfaction. We are open 24 hours a day, so please feel free to call us anytime.

Run People Massage

How to use Gangnam Run People’s Massage

  1. Location: Near Eonju Station in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  2. Hours of use: 24 hours
  3. Price: Different by course
  4. Contact Method: Phone Inquiry
  5. Features: Free services such as 10 side dishes, ramen, Chapaghetti, and beverages are provided. Rest rooms and shower rooms are available. We offer free valet service. Pick-up service is in progress in all areas of Gangnam area.

Gangnam Run People Massage Service

  1. Full body massage
    Through a full body care service from head to toe, you can relieve 100% of your stress
  2. Foot massage
    The soles of the feet are distributed to all organs of the body, so stimulating them is known to improve internal function. We help you with meticulous care through reflexology.
  3. Partial massage (back, waist, shoulder)
    Loosen the back, waist, and shoulders. This service is preferred by office workers who usually sit most of the day, and back massage is also effective in correcting their spine.
  4. Specialized in therapy
    This is a massage specializing in treatment for athletes. We take care of the problems caused by intensive consumption of only one part of the body through a manual massage.

How to use aroma oil (feat. aroma therapy) 

Australian International College (AIC) Special Price Guide, Sydney, Australia

Let me introduce you to Australian International College.

Australian International College, Australian International College, Australia,

It is located right in front of Hyde Park near Central, Town Hall, and Museum Station, so it has good transportation.

Also, the theory class and practice are held in the same building, so it is very convenient for students!

Australian International College (AIC) Cooking School

[Lesson fee]

Previous: $21,000 → $19,600

(Based on Sutty 4 [7 Term])

*The table above is the price of the promotional dog and may be changed later.

[2022 Date of Entrance]

April 29th

July 22nd

October 14th

[Lesson schedule]

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

*Detailed schedules will be notified on the orientation day, and this schedule pattern is subject to change.

Why choose AIC – Cookery?

  • attendance two days a week Depending on the curriculum, you can attend once a week and submit assignments, so you can do it at the same time as your work.

  • If you don’t have a certified English score, you can take your own English test or take it at a related language school.

(Admission English score: IELTS 5.5/Academic

  • It enables practical experience by practicing at AIC’s own restaurant, and develops qualifications and experiences as a chef before graduation.

  • It is convenient to conduct theory and practice within one building. (Second floor theory class, first floor practice)
  • It’s a 3-minute walk from Sydney Central Station (near Hyde Park)

Hyde park pizza building, 38 College St, Darlinghurst NSW 2000

오피사수 가 추천하는 오피시그니처 SPA

[School expenses]

Serty 4 Cooking Course Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery

Initial cost

Admission fee: $300

First 3 months tuition: $2,800

Tool cost: $900

$4,000 in total

In Sydney, Australia, we will inform you of your questions in kind and in detail, such as registering for the Australian AIC cooking course, English conditions, how to pay tuition, application for the linked English school, and application for the linked English school exam. Especially, those who do not have an English score can enter the school without an English course or with minimal English!

Dongpo information

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How to use aroma oil (feat. aroma therapy)

How to use aroma oil (feat. aroma therapy)

Today, I’m going to teach you how to use aroma oil. Besides the methods you know, I have a lot of my personal opinions, so I would appreciate it if you read them carefully.

How to use aroma oil

#Inhalation method

Do you have a handkerchief at home? Put a drop of it on your handkerchief and keep it quiet
Try aromatherapy while breathing. When I’m stressed out,
I’m using it in a personal space with a handkerchief. One drop on the bedding!
You can use a handkerchief or cotton pad! You know how to do this, right? For a good night’s sleep, you drop a drop on the ends of bedding like a pillow. But there are times when you’re worried

If you’re worried about changing the color of bedding, you can use this method. Personally, the way to use it is to put it on a cotton pad at the bedside. It’s perfect to throw it away after you don’t pollute it anywhere. Mix it with carrier oil and apply it! You know that aroma oil is different from regular facial oil, right?
Because it is highly concentrated, you must use it diluted instead of applying it directly to your body.

**First, apply it on the inside of your arm to see if it fits your skin and wait for 24 hours. *And mix the quantity with the carrier oil and use it. For example, when you make 10ml facial oil, just add one drop.
10 drops are enough for 100ml. *When applying, avoid sensitive eyes and mouth.

There are some people who drink aroma oil with water Cheongdam OP Aroma  Even experts don’t recommend it as dangerous. Celebrities use it for food on TV, so I looked it up because I was curious.

When you take a foot bath, lower body bath, and bath! I’m enjoying a foot bath these days. Put water in a wash basin, drop a drop or two, dip your feet, and take a foot bath for 30 minutes
It helps with the smell of your feet. It’s good! When you fill the bathtub with water, about three drops are just right. On a smelly mask! There are times when you’re in pain because of bad breath, right? If you dab a drop on the surface of the mask, it’ll help you breathe. It’s healing.

​Instead of perfume… As I mentioned yesterday, perfume is not on my wrist You said you need to use it on the outside of your arms to keep the scent from changing! It’s good to carry it around and apply a drop like a perfume. Put it in the humidifier~ It’s good if it’s a heated humidifier. If you put 1 or 2 drops of water in it, you can do aromatherapy. Catch the smell of shoes! I’m using it well in my daily life. For example, you spray a drop inside your smelly shoes. I used this well in the summer LOL Instead, you don’t have to worry too much because it’s not too expensive~

#Catching the smell of the bathroom!

I think it smells like a sewer. When I’m annoyed, I just put water in the sink as a glue. If I leave it alone for a day and a half, it’s so good that I don’t have to buy a separate bathroom diffuser Haha

How to use aroma oil (feat. aroma therapy)

Instead, mix the water well so that the scent spreads well! Instead of a fabric softener for washing! I’ve never used this before. I heard that if you mix it with water and use it like a deodorant, you can add 2 to 3 drops when you wash and rinse it, it smells as good as a fabric softener But I didn’t do it in case my clothes get damaged. You can just keep that in mind.

**Aroma oil usually expires within 2 years, but we recommend you to use it all within a year after opening. 🙂 Today, we’ve organized how to use it! What do you think? It’s more diverse than you think, right?
Thank you for reading it to the end!

Seattle Share 오피스 Top 7 Points to Focus Today

It is a space with an office desk that can be used by up to 12 people at a time. It has a large office desk over 180cm, so you can work conveniently and comfortably. It is a convenient place to share depending on the purpose, such as running a single-person company or having meeting materials.

If you’re looking for an appropriate Seattle  Share 오피스  office for a meeting, look around the meeting room at Run People Company. It has a conference room of various sizes that can seat from 3 to 4 people at least to 12 to 3 people at once. There are three separate private, independent spaces, so you can choose to suit your needs. Each room is equipped with basic systems such as air conditioning and heating, so you can use it conveniently.

The 런피플 컴퍼니 share office has conference rooms as well as indoor and outdoor rest areas.

Despite renting only one conference room or office, the fact that you can share a large rest area for free is also a great advantage for using Run People

Accessibility is one of the things you have to worry about when renting a conference room. The Seattle Run People Share Office is a great location for public transportation, so you can easily visit from any direction or by any public transportation

Seattle Share 오피스

Now, let’s take a look around the spacious interior space one by one The round bookcase is located in the center, so no matter which conference room you rent, you can use the rest area with natural movements.

The office space faces cool glass, so there’s a strong point in mining. It is divided into an open-type shelf and is decorated with a comfortable interior design.

In particular, the women’s restroom is equipped with system air conditioning, so it is always comfortable to use, and it is equipped with a private locker and a bathroom, so you can share a large space of 110 pyeong at a low rental cost.

The Seattle Run People Share Office welcomes all individuals and organizations who want to rent offices and conference rooms at reasonable and affordable prices.

Sample Blog Post 2

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla mollis aliquam eros, malesuada mollis sem. Etiam velit tellus, tristique elementum tincidunt mollis, pretium ac magna. Morbi vitae mi dapibus, aliquam libero finibus, lacinia odio. Morbi fermentum sapien massa, vitae lobortis libero pretium vitae. Phasellus vel arcu a elit suscipit accumsan sit amet ac est. Cras sagittis lacus dui. Proin nec lobortis augue, non pretium augue. Curabitur ullamcorper purus sapien, et luctus metus tempor sit amet. In commodo sagittis dapibus. Integer pharetra diam et mauris accumsan, et iaculis est rhoncus.

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Sample Blog Post 1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla mollis aliquam eros, malesuada mollis sem. Etiam velit tellus, tristique elementum tincidunt mollis, pretium ac magna. Morbi vitae mi dapibus, aliquam libero finibus, lacinia odio. Morbi fermentum sapien massa, vitae lobortis libero pretium vitae. Phasellus vel arcu a elit suscipit accumsan sit amet ac est. Cras sagittis lacus dui. Proin nec lobortis augue, non pretium augue. Curabitur ullamcorper purus sapien, et luctus metus tempor sit amet. In commodo sagittis dapibus. Integer pharetra diam et mauris accumsan, et iaculis est rhoncus.

Proin porta suscipit mauris non congue. Nulla fringilla libero at lacus cursus, vitae convallis tellus commodo. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Aliquam et eros vehicula, tincidunt est convallis, ultricies purus. Ut id nulla nunc. Duis vulputate id mi non bibendum. Cras nec malesuada leo.