Aromatherapy 오피

Aromatherapy 오피

Aromatica Synergy Oil aromatherapy 오피 Massage and Stress-Relieving

I can’t sleep deeply these days, so it’s hard to sleep at night. I think people who have suffered from insomnia will know how I feel. I want to fall asleep because I’m tired, but I can’t sleep, so I have to stay awake.

These days, I do aromatherapy 오피 and sphincter massage to relieve stress and sleep well. Since I had healing time every evening, I was able to sleep well because it felt like relieving stress and fatigue. If you play calm music, you can go deep sleep right away.

The product I’m using is Aromatica, a famous vegan beauty brand! I wanted to carefully examine the aroma oil and choose it, but after using it this time, the quality is good and it fits me well, so I’m going to use it consistently.

And what I thought was a really good item is a dolphin massage tool! It was even better to be able to properly massage with a dolphin-shaped massage tool. It’s very, very cool.

Aromatica Calendula Juicy Cream & Synergy Oil 3 Types & Brassamassage

I’ve been using products for healing time every evening. Through aromatherapy 오피 and sphincter massage, you can relieve blocked blood and even relax your mind and body!

Aromatica Synergy Oil

10ml each / Price KRW 35,000

(Protecting KRW 28,000)

Sleep tight #sleep tight

Protecting #immunity

Unburden #Stress

There are three types, so it’s perfect to choose the scent that suits you! Personally, I liked Unburden Synergy Oil, which is good for relieving stress, and I also liked Protecting Synergy Oil!

It’s good to use natural vegetable pure grade essential oils that are selected directly from aroma tea and 100% purity. It was said that it works as a synergy effect by mixing two or more essential oils, so the more I used it, the more I was satisfied.

It’s even better because it’s a product made with blending technology that was researched and developed by the brand’s aromatherapy 오피 and perfumer!​

Comforting Calendula Decoction Juicy Cream

150 ml / Price KRW 28,000

It has 45% calendula extract that calms your skin. When you apply it, it feels moist and gentle and soothes your skin. It contains 100% plant-derived ceramide and aloe vera ingredients that strongly moisturize. So, it was good because it was a hypoallergenic product that allows sensitive skin to be used with confidence and is not sticky.

Wooden Dolphin Face & Body Massage Tool

The price is 19,000 won

It looks like a dolphin, but it’s a massage tool that can take care of your face and body using various parts! It’s a tool that helps me effectively with my favorite massages, so I’m taking care of them preciously.

It’s made of semi-permanent European beachwood. It is durable and coated with natural walnut oil without chemical coating agent, so it was good to use with confidence. It was a high-quality massage tool because it was 100% handmade and dense beachwood was made in six processes.

You can wipe it with a dry cloth while taking care of it so that it doesn’t get in contact with water. Let me introduce the aromatherapy 오피 process that I’m doing for a good night’s sleep! You can heal easily and quickly, and even massage.

First, you can feel your heart calm when you smell the aroma oil scent you like. I enjoy using slip tights before going to bed. And on dry areas, I applied juicy cream to moisturize the skin. And I could feel the aroma scent that adds moisture and healing by applying aroma oil.

I gently massaged it with a massage tool to loosen the lumps. You can massage each part differently, so you can massage your face and body coolly with this. Since the shoulders get clumpy easily, I gently rolled it on my shoulders with aroma oil.

And if you massage your neck and scalp and massage your face gently, it’ll be a healing time before you go to sleep. After taking care of your face, I think your face line looks prettier the next day. Aroma oil can be used in various ways. You can put 3 to 5 drops on the stone at home and make it smell. If you do this and put it in the bedroom space, you can enjoy aromatherapy 오피 naturally while sleeping.

Even when I’m busy taking care of this and that, I put some aroma oil around my neck, and I just pressed it lightly and rolled it, and it felt really cool and loosened. I’ve used it and fell in love with it, so I’ve been using it every time, and it was nice to be able to heal properly at home. It’s good for relieving stress, so I’ll make sure to take this as a must-