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Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad

FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)

I’m going to talk about my view that I can make a profit regardless of place or time.

“Life that I can choose.”

Happy people have a lot of things they want to do.

And as I achieve one by one, there are more things I can choose from.

There are many things that can be an option just by looking at “work.”

Should I work in Korea or abroad?

Should I work or be a freelancer?

Should I work as a digital nomad or go to work?

Should I work full-time or just four hours a week?

Should I make more money by working or early retirement to make more time?

These are the options for ‘work’ that are currently placed on me.

I wanted a lot of things

There were many things I wanted to do.

And as I accomplished one by one, I now have more kinds of work to choose from

The types of work I can choose from have also diversified.

The biggest change is

When I want to,

What I want to do

I can work as much as I want.

Just by looking at “work,” we can see that we have a variety of choices.

Work life is not the only and final choice.

That means it can be one of the choices I can make, not absolute.

Like that, there are things that you can’t see if you’re tied to living day by day without thinking seriously about money, lifestyle, and relationships.

All options to choose from are covered.

They are covering various options for themselves to choose from.

In the past, when I was working, I lived a repetitive life where I was exhausted after I woke up, went to work, came back from work, and raised my child.

At that time, I lived like that every day without even having time to think about various things.

And then I always worked hard and lived frugally

I began to ask questions about why the ease of life doesn’t increase.

And since six years ago, I’ve been testing myself on a variety of tests.

It’s not a strong heart, it’s a great determination

He wasn’t a man of great ability

I was an ordinary office worker who had no financial support.

So I started to challenge as stably as possible one by one.

And as a result, new forms of work and style of work

And I could experience that lifestyle could all be possible.

That’s a relief.

It’s not too late, and you can change your life when your child is still young.

And what I’ve experienced so far

I hope it will be a starting point for ideas that can broaden readers’ choices in their lives.

I hope it will be a driving force that gives me the power to actually implement and move it.

If you want to do this and that,

But it’s more suitable if you still have a mind.

Let’s see what options we have

What options can you create?

Let’s talk about work, employment, money, relationships, life, travel, and life.

That’s it.

How did you like it?

I lived in the U.S. and traveled a lot before I came to Canada.

At that time, I went to Portugal, Madeira Island, which is not well known to Koreans.

But a few days ago, I happened to read the post of the person who went there on LinkedIn, and I saw the post that I left on my blog again.

I don’t know if it’s because of this guy’s backsliding…

I love to go around and travel.

And my work and lifestyle

I think I’m going in the direction where I can travel a lot.

Technically, it’s not going in that direction

It would be better to say that you’re making it little by little to go in that direction.

The Secret to Profitable Blogs-“I Earn Money While I Sleep”

digital nomads-profitable blog

“In the era of digital nomads, change the way you make money that you’ve insisted on!” Everything on the profitable blog, where a job seeker from N-pop generation started at 0 won and earned 10 million won a month, Warren Buffett said, “If you can’t find a way to get money in while you’re sleeping, you have to work until you die.”

Profit blogs are the ultimate goal of digital nomads

But how easy is it to make money while sleeping? In an era where many things have to be given up for economic reasons, it would be more realistic to say that you have to work even if you have to split your time. However, Lee Nam, the author of “I Make Money While Sleeping” (Dasan Books), emphasizes that it is just that I can’t do it because I don’t know how to make money while sleeping, but it may be easier than I thought.

The author, Ri Nam, was a very realistic person to the extent that he made a college major in the field he hated when he heard that he was getting a job well. However, he suddenly announced that he would give up his job when he realized that he could not live a stable life with just his salary.

After that, he studied how to make money online, and challenged the possibility of profitable blogs among numerous platforms. As a result, it is a digital nomad that surpassed 100 million won in blog profits in a year and a half and now has economic and time freedom, earning stable profits of more than 30 million won a month.

In fact, many pointed out that blogs may have already gone out of date with the advent of new platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. However, despite this situation, blogs are continuously growing. The reason is that a large number of 2030s flowed in as a new market opened to earn profits from blogs.

In addition, the number of text-oriented blog posts has achieved the highest ever production of texts as more and more posts share daily life due to COVID-19. It is literally emerging as a popular sideline. We know very well that salary alone cannot lead a perfectly stable life. However, if you don’t have enough money to invest in stocks or real estate, you should start a profitable blog right now.

This is because only profitable blogs without capital, minimum time, and space constraints are the most realistic side jobs for office workers. So if you want your daily life and experience to turn into money, change the way you make money that you’ve insisted on. You’ll be the next person to make money while you’re sleeping.

Digital-Nomad-Profitable Blogs

Digital Nomad Era Creates Economic Pipeline with Profitable Blogs

Profitable blogs are less burdensome because they do not require initial capital and can be done anywhere in the minimum time. There is no need for professional writing skills or photo editing skills. It is over if you upload your daily life in an informative way, not in a diary format. Despite so many advantages, there is still a distrust of blog profits because it is not known properly.

But if you think of the Internet itself as a billboard, this distrust will turn into certainty. Advertisements are bound to occur where people gather, and money flows soon when advertisements occur. This means that the Internet (online) is a market where content is consumed. Therefore, if you think of advertising combined with profitable blogs, you can also create a pipeline that makes stable returns for life even after investing less time.

Author Review Fairy Na-rim was a job seeker who was born into a tight family and pursued a normal and realistic life more than anyone else, but suddenly declared her job giving up after graduating from college. This is because the dark future was expected to bring about the limitations of salary, such as arranging one’s own house, marriage and childcare.

Despite the contempt and dissuasion around me, I found, tested, and challenged things that could make money online to be happy right now, not tomorrow. Online was something an author with no experience could do without capital, minimum time, and space constraints.

In order to generate profits, many online platforms have been tested, ranging from well-known areas to areas that the general public has never heard of. As a result, I realized that advertisements must be made where people gather, and that money flows when advertisements are made. Thus, they stopped all the ways to make money online and turned to advertising.

It runs blogs on various portal sites and concluded that Google AdSense advertising through T-story blogs is the most realistic platform to make money online. Unlike other portal sites that give minimal profits, Google can make profits in a short period of time by distributing 68 percent of its advertising revenue to bloggers.

At the age of 26, he achieved 1 million won in the 5th month and 3 million won in the 8th month since he started blogging in earnest, and now in 2020, he has earned more than 10 million won a month in economic and time freedom. Since then, profitable blog lectures, which promote their experiences and know-how to make money, have received explosive responses as one of the most popular lectures in CLASS101.

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