Spa 1899 안마야

Spa 1899 안마야

Spa 1899 안마야 is open until 10 o’clock, so you can visit freely even after work.

I was intrigued by the use of red ginseng products.

I usually eat red ginseng a lot, but if I put it on my body, is it a bubble effect?

I visited with a heavy body because I thought it would be good for recovering from fatigue.

It was a KT&G building, so it was a company building.

There’s a Spa 1899 안마야 here!?

Parking is available from B3F.

After parking, take the elevator to the 2nd floor.

It is a calling elevator with no buttons inside.

Spa 1899 안마야G, the head of the Jeonggwan, re-opened to change its name to Spa 1899 안마야 1899 안마야.

It is said that it is possible to use the national subsidy.

The program and price are detailed at the entrance.

Gangnam Spa 1899 안마야

A luxurious reception area that you can see when you open the door.

You are guided to the right Spa 1899 안마야ce.

Donginbi products are used for all management, and 10% discount is available when purchased at the shop.

Check the reservation and fill out the body temperature inventory chart.

Jeonggwanjang red ginseng tea made with 6-year-old red ginseng insecticide is provided.

I drank it deliciously because it was not bitter. You can choose warm or cold.

If you pay a flat rate, you can get an additional amount. There are additional benefits for each price.

There is a separate program that you can add-on on the 2-hour and 3-hour course.

Gangnam Spa 1899 안마야

I chose body focus management among single care.

The cost of an hour course is 12.1 million won.

I went to the bathroom because I asked if I would go to the bathroom before taking care of it, but it’s neat.

I’m on my way to a nice care.

Gangnam Spa 1899 안마야

I was shown to the room after passing through the long hallway.

You can change clothes inside and come out.

You can keep your luggage, wear a gown, and come out wearing disposable slippers.

There is a safe and the instructions for use in English and Chinese were written in Chinese.

When I sat outside and wrote the chart, a Chinese wife and children came in.

I was surprised that the staff guided me in fluent English.

Originally, it seems to be a Spa 1899 안마야 where many foreigners come.

If you think about it, it would be more interesting for foreigners to use red ginseng.

It’s not even used in Southeast Asia, where there are many Spa 1899 안마야s.

The moment I saw the shower, I thought I should wash up afterwards

(There was a section on the chart to check whether you took a shower before and after taking care of it.)

When I inquired, they said that the management time would be reduced by about 5 minutes. Well, then I’ll go home and wash up.LOL

It was good that the mask was prepared.

If you change and ring the bell, the therapy will come in.

Move to the foot bath room and proceed with the foot bath for 5 minutes.

I’ll dissolve the red ginseng insecticide in the water. It has a very visual effect. Should I say it’s like pouring red ginseng?

I’m asking if you want me to grab it. No~ Spa 1899 안마야cing out for a second.

I feel like my tiredness is relieved just by the warm feet.

It’s nice.

Move back to the room and lie face down on the mounted headrest.

The soft towel felt good on the bed.

Start by correcting the prone position.

I’ll make sure to move my thighs in detail-oriented

The exact turn-in condition under the knee.

Then, come up on the bed and relax the whole body lightly with a dry drink.

It was better to have vertical force.

Blend red ginseng oil and organic oil

A full body massage is carried out.

Body Focus is a course that includes care for the rear of the upper body, before the lower body, and after the lower body.

If you turn around and lie down, support the latex pillow.

Oh, it’s so comfortable.

The pressure was so soft that I asked a little hard and it was appropriate.

It was the unique style of the Spa 1899 안마야

I was able to heal quietly.

It was good to apply oil to the entire rough sole.

It was impeccable service and management.

The polite attitude and delicacy of the therapyist stood out.

Humidifier that prevents dryness during care.

meditation music that flowed softly

Thanks to this, I liked the end of Monday, which was full of irritation. After changing, I came back to my seat for the first time.

Complete the care feedback and finish all care with red ginseng tea and refreshments

I ate jujube chips with my hands because they were delicious, but there was a lot left over.

I guess I’m a bit hungry.

There was a party between this Spa 1899 안마야ce and the reception, so I could relax.

There was an old lady who wore gym clothes next to me

I was wondering if there was a program linked to the Spa 1899 안마야.

It was a hotel-class Spa 1899 안마야 that was very faithful to the basic virtues of the Spa 1899 안마야.

I recommend it.

I’m also curious about the 2-hour and 3-hour management course.

Dreaming of a Spa 1899 안마야 day,

I came home with a lighter body.

That’s all for Spa 1899 안마야 1899 안마야 review.